"xoxo" by Aziza

"Money" by Royalty


This is two coats; three or four coats would probably have been better to bring it to full opacity.

"Money" by Royalty.


Pork Shoulder Steak

At some point last year, or maybe it was sometime earlier this year, I made amazing pork shoulder steak. I covered it in salt and pepper, browned it in the cast iron pan, covered it in tinfoil, and then stuck it into the oven. Once it was cooked all the way I sautéed spinach and mushrooms to top it off. It was amazing. That and accompanied by Evita, my night was complete. Not to mention the man was happy too.  I received a stellar rating of "definitely make again!"

Today I decided I would make the same thing, but better.  I applied the pepper and was more stingy with the salt. I pulled out the frozen spinach I defrosted in the refrigerator last night and stuck it in a strainer to drain. The oven was ready to go, and the cast iron hot and ready. 

In went the pork, immediately it seared and was sticking to the pan. I had a huge yellow onion I chopped up, and placed a generous thick layer on top of the browned pork. After all, who doesn't love caramelized onions with their meat? 

This is where I lost all common sense.

Suddenly I thought that it would dry out in the oven. It didn't matter that I had browned it, or that I was going to cover it in tin foil, or that it didn't dry out before. Nope, I was absolutely convinced that my precious pork steak was going to dry out. To remedy this, I poured in a can of chicken broth, tightly covered the pan with tin foil, poked some holes in it and into the oven it went. 40 minutes later at 375F, something wasn't smelling quite right. However I wasn't about to admit anything other than amazing to myself. I fish out the pork and onto the chopping board with it. It wasn't a beautiful golden brown I remembered. I tried a bite, and it was awful. I told myself, "There might be a chance of hope for the onions! I'll cook out the broth and they will caramelized just yet!"

Now here I am, nursing myself with some deliciously sweet bubbly red wine my mother-in-law gave me yesterday and left over wedding cake. My husband who was supposed to be feasting on delicious pork instead is eating left over halibut his father made yesterday. 

Never again, and tomorrow I'll tackle something easier: Martha Stuart's One Pot Pasta. I cannot possibly mess that up. 


Warm Fishtail

Fishtail Nail Art

This was fun to do, and a lot easier than what I had expected. It was just time consuming to let the layers dry between colors.

My inspiration comes from Ran Design. Please click on the link below to see her nail art!

I learned to do this from Cute Polish, please look her up on YouTube!

Have you tried doing a fishtail? What are your thoughts on it?

Zoya - Penny

Zoya - Penny

Zoya - Penny